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15th September 2017
Bikram Yoga | Where To Practice in London | Ana Heart Blog

Bikram yoga and where you can practice it in London

  Developed from the popular Hatha Yoga, Bikram Yoga consists of 26 postures performed with a slow, mindful approach. Best practised in temperatures of 100 degrees […]
8th September 2017
Herbs for Mental Clarity and Energy | Ana Heart Blog

Herbs for mental clarity and energy to boost your cognitive performance

  Impaired cognitive function, or brain fog as it’s more commonly referred to, is a frustrating feeling that every one of us will experience at some […]
8th September 2017
Things to do in London in September | Ana Heart Blog

Things to do in London in September for Craft & Yoga Lovers

September is often thought of as a month of doom and gloom; your summer holiday has been and gone, the kids have gone back to school, […]
8th September 2017
How to Improve Self-Confidence | Ana Heart Blog

Can you coach yourself to confidence?

Self-confidence, often referred to as self-esteem is the term used to describe one’s sense of self-worth. Although the loudest people are often seen as the most […]