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8th March 2018
Laughter yoga

Laughter Yoga: Can You Laugh Away Stress?

Laughter Yoga uses both forced and natural laughter as a form of physical exercise. Like most forms of yoga, Laughter Yoga derives from India, first appearing […]
27th February 2018
Yoga movies

Must-see Yoga Movies and Documentaries

Sometimes when the weather outside is horrible it’s better to stay indoors, curl up under a blanket with some popcorn and watch a good movie. There’s […]
27th February 2018
Yoga Retreats Asia

What Are the Best Yoga Retreats in Asia?

Sometimes when it all gets a little too much most of us want to escape somewhere and just reset our internal energy levels, find inner peace […]
23rd February 2018
Yoga Africa

The African Origins of Yoga

Many people believe that yoga originated in India. The practice is often cited as being 5,000 years old, and having started in ancient India. However, many […]