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2nd February 2018
Yoga nervous system

Yoga Poses to Balance the Nervous System

In addition to benefitting our physical health, regular yoga practice can drastically improve our mental clarity, too. Through a series of restorative postures, the alternative therapy […]
2nd February 2018
Yoga poses athlete

Yoga Poses for Athletes

Practiced worldwide for thousands of years, it’s no secret that yoga can bring with it a variety of health benefits. In recent years, modern athletes have […]
26th January 2018
Yoga arms strength

Yoga Routine for Arm Strength

When it comes to building upper body strength, many people think they have to spend hours in the gym using weights and other equipment. If you’re […]
26th January 2018
Yoga achy feet

Yoga Poses for Achy Feet

Whether the culprit is a long day of walking or a girl’s night out on the town, we all suffer from achy feet from time to […]