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1st June 2018
Yoga Svaaropa

What is Yoga Svaroopa?

Yoga Svaroopa is a yoga style designed to open the body and connect with your inner self. In Sanskrit, ‘Sva’ translates to ‘self’ and ‘Roopa’ translates […]
24th May 2018
Yoga stretch

How to stretch properly

Imagine waking up and feeling like you did 20 years ago. No aches and pains, no stiff joints. Just fluid movement in every part of your […]
24th May 2018
Yoga blood

Yoga to Improve Blood Circulation

Supplying the organs with oxygen and nutrients, the circulation of blood is an important function. Those with good circulation can enjoy healthy skin, high energy levels, […]
24th May 2018
Yoga hair

Yoga Poses to Boost Hair Growth

Whether you’re experiencing hair loss or you’re just trying to grow out a bad hair-style, many people look for ways to boost hair growth. While there […]