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16th March 2018
Yoga Kripalu

Definitive Guide to Kripalu Yoga

Like many yoga forms, Kripalu Yoga is based upon traditional Hatha sequences. The practice incorporates breathing exercises, physical poses, and also meditation; unlike many other forms, […]
8th March 2018
Baptiste yoga

Why You Should Practice Baptiste Yoga

Popular worldwide, Baptiste Yoga is a vigorous form of power yoga. Though the correct name for the practice is Baptiste Yoga, the style is sometimes referred […]
8th March 2018
Laughter yoga

Laughter Yoga: Can You Laugh Away Stress?

Laughter Yoga uses both forced and natural laughter as a form of physical exercise. Like most forms of yoga, Laughter Yoga derives from India, first appearing […]
27th February 2018
Yoga movies

Must-see Yoga Movies and Documentaries

Sometimes when the weather outside is horrible it’s better to stay indoors, curl up under a blanket with some popcorn and watch a good movie. There’s […]