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23rd June 2017
What is Naturopathy? | Ana Heart Blog

What is Naturopathy?

  Naturopathic medicine, better known as naturopathy, is a form of alternative holistic medical treatment that uses the body’s natural ability to heal, both physically and […]
16th June 2017
10 Famous Yoga Teachers | Ana Heart Blog

10 Famous Yoga Teachers You Should Know

  In the world of yoga, in both the spiritual and physical sense, there are numerous influential and knowledgeable yoga teachers, however, to name them all […]
16th June 2017
Best Yoga Positions for Back Pain | Ana Heart Blog

Best Yoga Positions for Back Pain

  A likely experience at some point in your life, back pain is not only uncomfortable but also very debilitating, especially if you’re having trouble moving […]
16th June 2017
What is Ayurveda? | Ana Heart Blog

What is Ayurveda? And how it relates to Yoga?

How Yoga and Ayurvedic Healing Work Together Originating in India thousands of years ago, Yoga and Ayurveda are two separate but connected self-healing practices that, when […]