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21st May 2018

What is Broga?

Combining fitness exercises with yoga poses, Broga is a type of yoga class targeted at men. Ideal for those who are hesitant to join a female-dominated […]
21st May 2018
Yoga home

Practising Yoga at Home without a Teacher

With its wide array of health benefits, it’s no surprise that yoga is popular worldwide. Whether you’re hoping to tone up for summer or you’re more […]
11th May 2018
Salsa Therapy

What is Salsa Therapy and how is it Linked to Yoga?

Everybody knows that exercise is great for the body and mind. With a range of physical and emotional benefits, working out regularly can help you to […]
11th May 2018
Yoga Jivamukti

What is Jivamukti Yoga?

Jivamukti Yoga is a yoga style that focusses on compassion through physical movement. The ultimate goal of the practice is to reach enlightenment, which can be […]