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12th April 2017
Yoga Retreats Worldwide | Ana Hear

Yoga Retreats Worldwide – Our Top 6 List

The best yoga retreats worldwide Yoga has exploded in popularity over recent years and it’s not only classes on a weekday evening that have been gaining […]
24th March 2017

How yoga helps with your anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, then you might have been recommended by your doctor to take up yoga. Doctors are increasingly suggesting yoga as a complimentary […]
24th March 2017

The must have yoga equipment

The popularity of yoga has been increasing over the last few years and shows no signs of slowing down. It has become a favourite with celebrities […]
24th March 2017

Yoga for beginners

Yoga is a great practice for allowing you to take time to relax, re-energise and stretch. It also has added health benefits of reducing stress and […]