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1st November 2018
Yoga folded

What is Blindfolded Yoga?

Boasting a number of great health benefits, yoga is popular all over the world. While some people stick to the classic styles, others prefer to try […]
29th October 2018
Magic Mushrooms

I Gave My Grandmother Magic Mushrooms

Word on the street was that the fancy tech heads of Silicon Valley were using hallucinogens to increase performance and levels of creativity. After hearing my […]
26th October 2018
Yoga intentions

Do You Know the Intention Behind Your Yoga Practice?

Are you thinking about starting yoga? If so, it’s important to know the intention behind your yoga practice. Knowing your long-term goals will allow you to […]
25th October 2018
Yoga improve relationship

How Can Yoga Transform our Relationship with Life?

Amongst other things, yoga can be used to transform our relationship with life. In modern society, many of us often feel stressed or anxious. Thankfully, putting […]