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13th July 2017
Power of Positive Thinking | Ana Heart Blog

Can ‘Positive Thinking’ Help You to Live Better and Longer?

‘Positive thinking’ has always been a favourite topic of discussion; however, it wasn’t until the release of best-selling author Rhonda Byrne’s self-help book The Secret in […]
13th July 2017
Anger Management Techniques | Ana Heart Blog

Anger Management: How to Deal with Anger and Stress

No matter who you are and how “zen” your lifestyle is, at one time or another, you will experience bouts of anger and associated stress which, […]
7th July 2017
UV Rays and Sun Protection FAQ | Ana Heart Blog

Why You Should Care About Sun Protection

  Whether you’re in the UK or abroad, it’s essential you think about sun protection before you head outside. Even if the weather is just a […]
7th July 2017
What are Ayahuasca Retreats | Ana Heart Blog

Ayahuasca: Facing Your Demons

Thought to have been used in Amazonian tribes in South America for thousands of years as a method of shamanic healing, ayahuasca experiences garner both support […]