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7th March 2019
Yoga Bokasana

Build up to Bakasana

Bakasana, or Crow Pose, is an arm balancing pose in yoga. At first glance, the asana looks very intimidating. However, it won’t take too long to […]
1st March 2019
Yoga vegan restaurants

Best Vegan Restaurants in London

Once upon a time, finding a vegan restaurant in London would have been a challenge. Today, the list is hard to narrow down! Better still, the […]
28th February 2019
Yoga Shake Up Practice

How to Shake up Your Yoga Practice

If your yoga practice feels like a chore, it’s time to shake things up. While the therapy boasts a range of great benefits, you’ll never get […]
22nd February 2019
Yoga face challenges

How to Face Challenges in Your Yoga Practice

You’ve taken the leap and attended your first yoga class. While some people fall in love with the practice instantly, others encounter challenges in the first […]