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5th December 2017
UK top yoga blog

Top 9 Yoga Blogs

Here at Ana Heart we love seeing what the yogis and yoginis of the internet are writing about so much that we’ve brought all our favourites […]
24th November 2017
Restorative yoga

Restorative Yoga

Today, more people than ever are benefitting from regular yoga practice. With the alternative therapy exploding in the West, a range of new styles have been […]
24th November 2017
Yoga flexibility

How to Improve Flexibility with Yoga

Although people recognise that exercise is essential for staying fit and healthy, people often disregard the benefits of increased flexibility. While improving flexibility isn’t always the […]
17th November 2017
Yoga Prayanamas

What Are Pranayamas in Yoga?

Pranayamas are the breathing exercises practised within yoga. Designed to clear the body of physical and emotional obstacles, pranayamas free the breath and the flow of […]