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21st March 2019
yoga common mistakes when starting

Common Mistakes When Starting Yoga

Yoga is a journey. Regardless of how experienced you are, there are always ways to improve. When first starting yoga, there are certain mistakes that beginners […]
15th March 2019
Yoga poses open heart

Yoga Poses to Open the Heart

Heart opening yoga poses boast a range of great benefits. For starters, they expand your chest and rib cage to make the area more receptive. Heart […]
15th March 2019
yoga focussing mind

Steps to Focussing the Mind

Whether you’re on the yoga mat or at the office, good focus is key to good performance. Unfortunately, staying focussed can be tricky, particularly when you’re […]
8th March 2019
yoga increased fitness

Yoga for Increased Fitness

It’s no secret that yoga boasts some great health benefits. We often hear how the exercise improves flexibility, releases stress, and calms the mind, but can […]