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15th June 2018
yoga post natal

How to Practice Post-natal Yoga

When it comes to yoga, pre-natal classes are all the rage. But what happens once you’ve given birth to your little one? Though morning sickness and […]
13th June 2018
yoga tone arms

How to Tone Your Arms with Yoga

With summer fast approaching, many of us are working towards that ‘beach ready body’. If you’re not interested in hitting the gym, toning the arms can […]
13th June 2018
yoga lifestyle

How to Make Yoga Your Lifestyle

While a weekly yoga class teaches the physical aspects of yoga, many yogis enjoy living a yoga lifestyle off the mat, too. Far more than asanas […]
1st June 2018

What is Yoga Satyananda?

Yoga Satyananda is a traditional yoga practice which uses physical postures, breathing tech-niques, tantric practices, cleansing practices, pratyahara, and meditation. Unlike other yoga styles, Satyananda places […]