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3rd July 2018
yoga bow pose

How to do Bow pose in yoga

The bow pose reflects the shape of the bow of an archer, as we extend ourselves into a strong backbend. It is one of the most […]
28th June 2018
Yoga strengthen joints

Yoga Poses to Strengthen Your Joints

Strong joints are important. Whether you’re hoping to get the most from your exercise routine or you’re trying to prevent joint-related issues, strengthening the joints can […]
28th June 2018
yoga beauty routine

What Does a Beauty Routine Look Like for a Yogini?

To keep your body and mind healthy and happy, it’s important to follow a beauty routine. While a good skin-care routine is important, incorporating yoga and […]
26th June 2018
downward-facing dog yoga pose

How to do Downward-Facing Dog pose in yoga

The downward-facing dog is the pose in yoga that will elicit the most laughs from those watching on – and there is certainly an argument for […]