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3rd May 2018
Top 10 yoga poses

Top 10 Yoga Poses Infographic

The asanas, or yoga poses, are postures aimed at helping us strive towards greater strength, balance and steadiness. We do not practice our asanas as a […]
27th April 2018
Incredible poses

The Most Incredible Yoga Poses

Boasting a wide array of health benefits, yoga is popular all over the world. Traditionally, the practice consists of thousands of different postures; however, practising all […]
27th April 2018
Core Power Yoga

What is Core Power Yoga?

Core Power Yoga is a vigorous yoga style that strengthens the physical and emotional body. Additionally, the practice teaches students to connect with their spiritual body […]
25th April 2018
BA&SH and Ana Heart

BA&SH and Ana Heart Collaboration

When I started teaching yoga, I was a nervous wreck. I was sure someone would turn up in the session and tell me how under qualified […]