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19th January 2018
Yoga digestion

Yoga Poses For Better Digestion

Whether your symptoms can be pinned on a large meal, fatty food, or something more serious like Inflammatory Bowel Disease, we all suffer from digestive discomfort […]
19th January 2018
Yoga Brain

How Yoga Helps to Keep Your Brain Healthy

Though some people may choose to focus on their physical health, keeping your brain healthy should be of utmost importance, too. With symptoms of stress and […]
12th January 2018
Yoga Pelvic

Yoga Poses to Strengthen the Pelvic Floor

When it comes to exercise, the pelvic floor is often a muscle that goes unnoticed. As we grow older or go through childbirth, though, the importance […]
12th January 2018
Yoga Health Issues

Health Issues Yoga Can Help You Heal

It’s no secret that yoga can cure a wide range of health issues. In fact, research has shown that those who practice yoga regularly can enjoy […]