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18th August 2017
Yoga for Children | Ana Heart Blog

Yoga for Children

In today’s day and age, many adults are seeking salvation and clarity in the form of yoga, and as research is progressing, the ancient art is […]
18th August 2017
Vegan Celebrities | Ana Heart Blog

Vegan Celebrities

Being Vegan, or at least trying to implement a vegan diet into your lifestyle, is something that at the moment, is incredibly ‘in’. Although many people […]
18th August 2017
Chinese Fire Cupping | Ana Heart Blog

Fire Cupping – Chinese hokum or healing treatment?

Cupping Therapy Developed thousands of years ago, the ancient form of alternative medicine known as “cupping” is still popular today. In this article, we will discuss […]
12th August 2017
The Benefits of Ekadasi Fasting | Ana Heart Blog

The Benefits of Ekadasi Fasting

To some, fasting can seem like an extreme process; however, intermittent fasting and partial fasts can have many benefits for our health and well-being. Ekadasi fasting […]