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27th April 2018
Core Power Yoga

What is Core Power Yoga?

Core Power Yoga is a vigorous yoga style that strengthens the physical and emotional body. Additionally, the practice teaches students to connect with their spiritual body […]
25th April 2018
BA&SH and Ana Heart

BA&SH and Ana Heart Collaboration

When I started teaching yoga, I was a nervous wreck. I was sure someone would turn up in the session and tell me how under qualified […]
20th April 2018
Tri Yoga

Your Guide to Tri Yoga

Tri Yoga is best described as a variation of the Hatha style. The practice aims to unite the body and mind through movement, breathing, and focus. […]
20th April 2018
Baby Yoga

What is Baby Yoga?

Today, Baby Yoga is one of the most popular ‘parent and baby’ classes. Appealing to first time and experi-enced parents alike, the low-intensity sessions are an […]