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10th November 2017
Yoga abdominal fat

How to Reduce Abdominal Fat with Yoga

Although a gentle yoga session is not a quick fix for reducing abdominal fat, taking part in regular sessions can definitely help you to slim down […]
3rd November 2017
Acro yoga

The Complete Guide to Acro Yoga

Combining the spiritual disciplines of traditional yoga with acrobatic techniques, Acro Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in modern society. Boasting an array of physical and mental […]
3rd November 2017
Practising yoga on holidays

Practising Yoga on Holiday

Whether you’re setting sail around the Caribbean or you’re planning to soak up the sun here in the UK, there’s nothing better than an annual summer […]
27th October 2017
Yoga neck pain

Yoga Poses to Relieve Neck Pain

When you’re spending five days a week slouched over a computer in the office, it’s not uncommon to develop some kind of neck pain. Though most […]