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24th August 2017
Vegetarian Diet and Workout | Ana Heart Blog

How a vegetarian diet and your workout goes hand in hand

  Today, a vegetarian diet is quickly becoming all the rage. With new benefits of the dietary choice seemingly coming to light every day, vegetarianism is […]
24th August 2017
enna as a Hair Colouring Alternative | Ana Heart Blog

Why you should consider henna as a hair-dye alternative

Henna, the super pigmented dye produced from a plant officially known as the Lawsonia Inermis, but more commonly referred to as “Hina” or “the henna tree”, […]
18th August 2017
Yoga for Children | Ana Heart Blog

Yoga for Children

In today’s day and age, many adults are seeking salvation and clarity in the form of yoga, and as research is progressing, the ancient art is […]
18th August 2017
Vegan Celebrities | Ana Heart Blog

Vegan Celebrities

Being Vegan, or at least trying to implement a vegan diet into your lifestyle, is something that at the moment, is incredibly ‘in’. Although many people […]