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13th September 2018
Yoga Upper Body

Yoga for Your Upper Body

It’s well known that yoga can increase flexibility and provide relief from stiffness and tension. However, many people don’t realise that it can also be used […]
11th September 2018
Yoga Sukha

What is Yoga Sukha?

Sukha is a traditional Sanskrit word that means happiness, ease, or bliss. Translated literally, the word means ‘good space’, as ‘Su’ translates to ‘good’ and ‘Kha’ […]
11th September 2018
yoga consciousness

How to Create Space for Your Consciousness?

With social media so prominent in modern life, it can feel as though we are being influenced on every level. We are shown exactly what we […]
6th September 2018
Yoga Teacher

4 Starter Tips for Yoga Teachers

Starting out as a yoga teacher is scary beyond belief. I remember leaving the safety of the corporate world to embark on a degree in Physiotherapy […]