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27th October 2017
Yoga Family

Practising Yoga with Family

In the busyness of modern life, it’s not uncommon for families to find it challenging to spend quality time together. Between, school, work, meals and after-school […]
26th October 2017
Yoga Seniors

Yoga for Seniors

Although growing older presents many benefits including maturity, wisdom, and experience, it can, unfortunately, bring with it numerous challenges. Physically, the body becomes weaker, meaning that […]
26th October 2017
Yoga Sivananda

The Complete Guide to Sivananda Yoga

Renowned in the yoga community for being one of the more traditional yoga practices, Sivananda Yoga is believed to go beyond the physical and emotional benefits […]
13th October 2017
Cacao Ceremonies | Connection With Your Inner Spirit | Ana Heart Blog

Cacao Ceremonies: The Sweet Indulgence

Today, cacao is best known as an unprocessed superfood, the ideal treat for those opting to eat a raw diet. While the product is made from […]