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7th February 2019
Yoga healing practice

Yoga as a Healing Practice

Yoga can be used to create unity between the body and mind. When the two become disconnected, our body becomes out of balance; if left untreated, […]
6th February 2019
yoga 2019 new year's resolutions

How to keep smashing your new year’s resolutions?

It’s February and the dust has settled. You’re already complaining about ‘how fast this year is going’, and there is that niggling feeling that you’re no […]
1st February 2019
Yoga lost connection

Feel You’ve Lost Connection with Your Yoga Practice?

When you first take up yoga, waking at 5 am to squeeze in a practice seems worth it. However, after a certain amount of time, it […]
31st January 2019
Yoga Raja

What is Raja Yoga?

While some yoga styles are practised purely for exercise, others focus on the emotional and spiritual body instead of the physical one. Raja yoga is designed […]