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7th July 2017
10 Positive Thinking Books We Recommend | Ana Heart Blog

10 Positive Thinking Books That Will Change Your Life

  Reading is a powerful, personal gateway to a new you and, more than ever, positive thinking books are showing up on international reading lists such […]
30th June 2017
What is Iyengar Yoga | Ana Heart Blog

Iyengar Yoga origin and how it differs from the other types of Yoga

With thousands of classes all over the world bringing Iyengar Yoga to millions of people every week, as well as those practising privately at home, it […]
30th June 2017
What is Homeopathy | Ana Heart Blog

What is Homeopathy and how is it used to heal?

With homeopathic medicine more popular than ever, now turning more than $6 billion every year in the US alone, we explore exactly what is homeopathy? and […]
30th June 2017
Feng Shui in the Bedroom | Ana Heart Blog

Suggestions and guide-lines for Feng Shui in the Bedroom

For thousands of years, the ancient Chinese principles of Feng Shui have helped those in the Far East and West alike balance the energy in our […]