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22nd June 2018
Yoga communications

Can Yoga Improve Communication?

When it comes to success, good communication is essential. Whether you’re running your own company, trying to rise in the corporate world, or raising your children, […]
22nd June 2018
Yoga Vajrasana pose

How to do Vajrasana pose in yoga

The Vajrasana pose takes its names from the Sanskrit word Vajra. Vajra means diamond or thunderbolt, and asana means pose. It is also known as Adamantine […]
22nd June 2018
Yoga Child's pose

How to do Child’s pose in yoga

The child’s pose, or Balasana, is a pose in yoga intended for resting. Your yoga instructor is likely to use this as a staging post between […]
21st June 2018
Yoga Tree Pose

How to do tree pose in yoga

The tree pose is also known as Vrksasana. It is called tree pose as you are rooting your standing foot into the ground. The point is […]