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23rd March 2018
Yoga Bhakti

What is Bhakti Yoga?

One of the six main branches of yoga, Bhakti Yoga represents the path of complete devotion to God or the Divine. The style is based on […]
23rd March 2018
Fly Yoga

Find out more about Fly Yoga

Fly Yoga, or ‘Aerial Yoga’, is a relatively new style of yoga. The practice uses a hammock to combine traditional yoga postures with pilates and dance. […]
20th March 2018
Love Yourself

Love Yourself and Accept the Challenge

On my whiteboard in my room is piece of paper that says, “Love yourself like your life depends on it, because it does.” BUT the big […]
16th March 2018
Yoga Kriya

What is Kriya Yoga?

An ancient meditation technique, Kriya Yoga focusses on energy and breath control. While some yogis practice only the pranayama aspect of Kriya Yoga, others prefer to […]