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22nd June 2018
Yoga Child's pose

How to do Child’s pose in yoga

The child’s pose, or Balasana, is a pose in yoga intended for resting. Your yoga instructor is likely to use this as a staging post between […]
21st June 2018
Yoga Tree Pose

How to do tree pose in yoga

The tree pose is also known as Vrksasana. It is called tree pose as you are rooting your standing foot into the ground. The point is […]
21st June 2018
Yoga Lotus Pose

How to do Lotus pose in yoga

If you have ever seen yoga portrayed on TV, then you are sure to have seen the class in the Lotus pose. This is the most […]
15th June 2018
yoga techniques meditation

Different Techniques for a Great Meditation

While most of us know the benefits of meditation, finding the time to practice can be tricky. When we do get a spare moment, the noise […]