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31st August 2018
body shaking

Why is my body shaking in yoga class?

During yoga, it’s not uncommon to experience shaking, trembling, or vibrating muscles. Typically, this happens during a posture that requires a large amount of effort; however, […]
30th August 2018
yoga empowerment

How can yoga be a tool of empowerment?

With the expectations of modern life, it’s not unusual to feel under-confident. Sometimes it can seem like everybody else is doing better than you, whether that’s […]
24th August 2018
Yoga music

Yoga and Music, the Beauty of Collaboration

Much like yoga, music is considered a form of alternative medicine. When used correctly, it can help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, and even lower […]
23rd August 2018
yoga healing ears

How can yoga help ear, nose and throat problems?

When practised regularly, yoga can have a range of positive effects on the body. From lowering stress levels to relieving chronic pain, yoga can benefit all […]