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8th November 2018
Yoga after injury

Yoga After an Injury: Is it Safe?

After an injury, it’s hard to know when to return to yoga. If the problem has been caused by yoga, returning to the practice may feel […]
8th November 2018
Yoga private

Is Private Yoga for You?

Although yoga classes are the most popular way to practice, some people find private lessons more appealing. Unlike standard classes, private lessons are practised with just […]
1st November 2018
Yoga folded

What is Blindfolded Yoga?

Boasting a number of great health benefits, yoga is popular all over the world. While some people stick to the classic styles, others prefer to try […]
29th October 2018
Magic Mushrooms

I Gave My Grandmother Magic Mushrooms

Word on the street was that the fancy tech heads of Silicon Valley were using hallucinogens to increase performance and levels of creativity. After hearing my […]