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16th November 2018
Yoga intermediate poses

Yoga Poses for Intermediate Learners

Once you’ve been practising yoga for a while, standard classes may feel a little easy. While some yogis are happy with this, others prefer to take […]
15th November 2018
Yoga crampes

Yoga Poses to Relieve Cramps

For many women, that time of the month brings with it a host of uncomfortable symptoms. With over 80% of women suffering from menstrual-related pain, it’s […]
8th November 2018
Yoga after injury

Yoga After an Injury: Is it Safe?

After an injury, it’s hard to know when to return to yoga. If the problem has been caused by yoga, returning to the practice may feel […]
8th November 2018
Yoga private

Is Private Yoga for You?

Although yoga classes are the most popular way to practice, some people find private lessons more appealing. Unlike standard classes, private lessons are practised with just […]