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5th October 2018
Yoga fasting

Yoga for Fasting

Whether it’s for religious or health reasons, many people choose to fast from time to time. Although fasting can benefit us in the long run, it […]
5th October 2018
Yoga heal trauma

How Yoga Can Help Heal Trauma

In the East, the importance of the mind-body connection for good health has been recognised for decades. In recent years, Western culture has started to take […]
28th September 2018
Yoga start 2018

Reasons to Start Yoga in 2018

Today, more people than ever are practising yoga regularly. With an endless array of health benefits, including higher energy levels, reduced stress, and weight control, it’s […]
28th September 2018

Stretching in the Office

Office Stretches -WHEN YOU HAVEN’T GOT TIME TO STRETCH Your arm length “to do” list seems to be getting longer and longer by the second. You […]