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4th July 2018
Ana Heart Letting Go

Letting Go

I recently picked up a book called, “Letting Go, The Pathway of Surrender” by, David R. Hawkins. Mostly it does what it says on the tin. […]
3rd July 2018
mountain yoga pose

How to do Mountain pose in yoga

Mountain pose, or tadasana, is a foundation pose. It will look like you are just standing there – strong and rooted into the ground – well […]
3rd July 2018
yoga sarvangasana pose

How to do sarvangasana pose in yoga

Sarvangasana means entire body pose in Sanskrit. It is one of the few yoga poses that will stimulate and regulate the functions of the entire body. […]
3rd July 2018
yoga king pigeon pose

How to do King Pigeon pose in yoga

This pose is a deep backbend that pushes out the chest. When done properly, the King Pigeon is one of the most graceful poses. To achieve […]