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17th March 2017

Relaxing yoga exercises for a good night’s sleep

According to research if you struggle to get a good night’s sleep then you’re more likely to experience anxiety, depression and diabetes. However don’t worry, you’re […]
17th March 2017

What makes a good yoga teacher?

As with any sport or hobby when you’re new to a practice such as yoga you want to be sure that you’re doing it right. Your […]
17th March 2017

Best yoga poses for runners

Yoga is a brilliant practice for runners to engage in and can be used as a cross-training activity on no-run days. It can help increase strength, […]
7th March 2017

Ana Heart Lifestyle Collection – clothes to wear in your daily life.

The athleisure trend is showing no signs of slowing down and it is popular with everyone, with many women adopting it as their daily go-to style. […]