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8th June 2017
100% Cotton Yoga Clothes | Ana Heart

How to choose cotton clothing for your yoga workout?

With the rise of manmade fabrics and chemical filled manufacturing processes finding clothes that are good quality can be tricky. When you’re working out you also […]
2nd June 2017

Why is breathing an essential element of yoga?

Breathing is one of the most basic requirements for life and something that we all do on a daily basis; however, it’s a bodily process that […]
2nd June 2017
Yoga and Meditation | Ana Heart Blog

What is meditation and what are the different types you can practice?

In a modern world where we have more and more distractions in our life meditation has become somewhat of a salvation to many; giving them the […]
1st June 2017
Top UK summer holiday destinations | Ana Heart Blog

Top UK summer holiday destinations

Summer time is nearly upon us, which for many means it’s nearly time for a relaxing breakaway. When many people think of a summer holiday though, […]