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16th May 2019
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10 Foods You Didn’t Know Were Good for Your Skin

Yoga foods good for your skin

We all know that healthy foods promote a healthy body, but did you know that certain foods promote healthy skin, too? While a cleansing routine treats the outer layer, eating the right foods can make our skin glow from the inside out. Regardless of how often you head to the yoga mat, you won’t achieve flawless skin without a great diet. In this article, we explore exactly what foods are good for your skin.

1. Tomatoes

Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant proven to fight a number of illnesses. The good news is, organic tomatoes are full of it! They’re also packed with vitamins A and C. Research has shown that they’re just as good, or even better than goji and açai – the pricey antioxidant-filled berries that everyone raves about.

2. Green Tea

If you want glowing skin, switch your regular cuppa to health-boosting green tea a few times each week. As well as benefitting the skin, green tea has a number of other health advantages. Some of these include cancer prevention, improved digestive health, and boosted energy levels. Packed with antioxidant polyphenols, green tea also promotes gentler skin ageing. So not only will your skin glow in the present, but it will stay looking great for years to come! If possible, organic green tea is the best option as it’s free from pesticides.

3. Oysters

Low in calories, low in fat, and high in protein, oysters are another great food for your skin. They also contain high levels of copper, which works with protein and vitamin C to build elastin and collagen. If you’re not a fan of oysters, there are plenty of other copper-rich foods. Some of them include shellfish, liver, shiitake mushrooms, sunflower and sesame seeds, kale, soybeans, cashews, and legumes such as lentils and garbanzo beans. If you’re really feeling naughty, dark chocolate is also full of copper! Just remember to eat the latter in moderation.

4. Broccoli

According to a recent Harvard Study, broccoli is one of the best veggies for glowing skin. Boasting strong anti-inflammatory effects, the vegetable can help to calm and prevent breakouts and acne. Many skin experts believe that inflammation is one of the leading causes of skin ageing. With this in mind, eating broccoli frequently will keep your skin even, supple, and smooth as you age.

5. Dark Leafy Greens

We all know that dark leafy greens are super healthy. But what benefits do they actually have? Eating greens such as kale, spinach, and collard greens can help boost the skin’s UV resistance and protect it against sun damage. This is because dark, leafy greens are packed full of phytonutrients – the scientific term for the natural chemicals that give the plants their vibrant colours. With higher UV resistance, you’re less likely to get dullness, wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. Additionally, the phytonutrients give the skin a healthy, glowing, and youthful complexion. Other examples of leafy greens include turnip greens, Swiss chard, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, and dandelion greens.

Yoga foods good for your skin

6. Oily fish

Oily fish is another superfood for a youthful complexion. Salmon is one of the favourites, as it’s packed with anti-inflammatory omega 3, vitamin B12, and healthy fats, which all contribute to glowing, healthy skin. If you’re not a fan of seafood, look for a good-quality fish oil supplement, instead.

7. Seeds and Nuts

As we grow older, moisture loss is unavoidable. Unfortunately, dry skin can emphasise and even cause fine lines and wrinkles, so it’s essential to stay hydrated! Drinking plenty of water will replenish skin cells in the short term, but vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids will prevent further moisture loss. Lubricating the skin cells, these ingredients will keep the skin looking hydrated, supple, and dewy.

As seeds and nuts are rich in both vitamin E and omega 3, they’re ideal for healthy skin. Some of the best vitamin E rich foods include almonds, sunflower seeds, and peanuts. For omega 3, the best sources are walnuts, flaxseed, and soybeans. In addition to nuts and seeds, spinach, Swiss chard, avocado, sardines, grass-fed beef and tofu also work well.

8. Dark Chocolate

Contrary to popular belief, you can, in fact, eat chocolate and keep your skin looking great. You just need to make sure it’s the right sort and eat it in moderation! According to a recent study, cocoa can protect the skin from UV damage. This means that you’re less likely to get wrinkles, beauty spots, and fine lines as you age. To keep your skins looking dewy and youthful, add some dark chocolate into your diet coming up to summer.

9. Avocados

Already a popular superfood, avocado is loaded with skin-perfecting ingredients. Additionally, it has the power to lower cholesterol and is packed with potassium, carotenoids, vitamin E, folate, and monounsaturated fats. As well as promoting a youthful appearance, monounsaturated fats have been found to decrease anxiety and depression and increase happiness.

10. Bell Peppers

The final food on the list is bell peppers. The colourful vegetable is rich in vitamin C, an essential nutrient in collagen synthesis. Additionally, vitamin C prevents the breakdown of elastin, the protein that gives skin its elasticity. As elastin allows the skin to move back after being stretched, the breakdown of it can result in wrinkles and fine lines. While yellow peppers have the highest vitamin C content, green, red, and orange bell peppers are great too. Other high sources of vitamin C include kiwi, broccoli, guava, strawberries, citrus fruits, papaya, and dark leafy greens.

In Summary

So now you know exactly which foods are good for your skin. Adding the above foods into your diet will provide your skin with the nutrients it needs for a healthy, supple and glowing appearance. Additionally, many of the foods have anti-ageing properties; eating these, in addition to putting on your yoga pants regularly, will keep your skin youthful for years to come.

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