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How to Open up and Talk in Your Yoga Class

How to Open up and Talk in Your Yoga Class

Yoga classes can be daunting, particularly if you’re new to the session. We often shy away from the opportunity to open up and talk because we’re concerned about what other people will think of us. Unfortunately, it’s natural to feel self-conscious in a room full of new people. People advise us to forget about what others think and concentrate on ourselves, but that’s easier said than done. When you do have the confidence to open up and talk in your yoga class, it’s an empowering experience that will improve your practice. To do this, however, you need to come up with a strategy that puts you in the right frame of mind. You have to find comfort and confidence in yourself to express your thoughts. If you’re wondering how to open up and talk in your yoga class, you’re in the right place. By the end of this article, you’ll be ready to pack your yoga bag and head to the studio.

Introduce Yourself

If you’re starting a new yoga class, get there with enough time to introduce yourself. Arrive fifteen minutes early and have a quick chat with the instructor before the session. This way, you can introduce yourself and get a feel for your teacher. When it comes to opening up in class, it will feel easier if your teacher already knows who you are.

Chat with Other Yogis

Before the class starts, try to make small talk with another student. Look around the class and see who you notice. If you feel drawn to someone, go over and speak with them. Introduce yourself and explain that you’re new to the class. When they know that you’re new, they may take you under their wing and ask you to sit with them, or even invite you out for coffee after the session.

Get Settled In

When you’re new to yoga, opening up and talking can be difficult. Before pushing yourself to open up, take time to get settled into the class. Make sure you arrive with enough time to introduce yourself, lay out your mat and change into your yoga attire if you need to. Then, just sit back, relax and wait for the class to start.

Ask Questions

A great way to open up is by asking questions. Never be afraid to ask your teacher questions, especially if you feel like you may be doing something wrong. You have nothing to lose by raising your hand and asking your instructor how you’re doing. Yoga teachers love to answer questions, as they want to help you progress with your yoga practice as much as possible. That’s literally why they are there! Asking a few basic questions can help you engage with your teacher and create opportunities to open up and talk. After explaining a posture, the instructor may ask the group if everybody understands. That is the perfect time to raise your hand and ask as many questions as you need to.

How to Open up and Talk in Your Yoga Class

Place Your Mat Strategically

If you want to open up and talk, be strategic about where you set up your mat. To engage with your tutor, you don’t want to be at the back of the class. While this is fine for those happy to shout out, for those feeling shy it’s better to be near the front where the instructor can keep an eye on you. If you’re in their direct line of sight, they’re likely to make eye contact with you throughout the class. This is the perfect opportunity to open up and talk or ask a question or two, without the worry of your teacher not hearing you.

Take a Friend

If you’re feeling shy, taking a friend along can take the edge off. If you’ve got a close friend who makes you feel more confident, invite them along! Many people find that with a loved one nearby, they are more confident in expressing their thoughts and emotions. If you’re self-conscious, engaging in conversation as a three can feel a little easier. Going up and talking to other students with your friend can feel less daunting than tackling the conversation alone.

Wear Clothing You Feel Confident in

If you want to bring out your inner confidence, you need to feel confident in yourself. Clothing can play a huge part in this. Many people are uncomfortable with talking because they don’t want everyone looking at them. Usually, this is because they feel self-conscious when all eyes are on them. Wearing an outfit that you’re comfortable in can make you feel confident in your body and feel less conscious when you’re talking. Go for something that expresses your personality but also makes you feel good about your body. Don’t feel like you have to wear tight, revealing clothing just because other people do. While many people assume that all yogis wear tight pants and a cropped tee, that’s not the case. Yoga classes are filled with people of all sorts. Some enjoy wearing tight clothes, but others prefer to go for something loose and comfortable. Just wear whatever you feel happy with – you’ll fit it whatever.

In Summary

So, there you have it – how to open up and talk in your yoga class. Use the steps above to give yourself some confidence, then bite the bullet and put yourself out there. If you’re feeling nervous, start by speaking to another student or asking your teacher a question. Once you feel confident with one-on-one conversations, begin to participate in group discussions as and when required. For extra confidence, pick up a good-quality yoga hoodie and a comfy pair of pants. This way, you can head to class knowing that you look that part.

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