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Yoga Dance

In recent years, yoga has become more popular than ever. With the increase in popularity has come an increase in styles, genres, and techniques. Though the traditional concepts remain the basis for every style, modern variations of the holistic therapy are popping up every day. Over the past 10 years, a style referred to as ‘Yoga Dance’ has made its way into yoga studios worldwide. Best described as a combination of fluid movement and music, the alternative style boasts a range of great benefits. In this article, we explore Yoga Dance in more detail. Before trying out this cardio-focussed style, it’s important you get your hands on some good-quality yoga clothes.

What is Yoga Dance?

Yoga Dance is best described as a style of yoga that combines fluid movement with music. Each asana should be performed in time with the beat. The style of the music can vary between hip-hop, pop, or even something as simple as the beat of a drum. Many yogis enjoy using music produced by yoga DJ’s, which was originally designed for large yoga festivals.

Many students enjoy practising Yoga Dance to reap the benefits of yoga,
but have fun at the same time. Additionally, many practitioners see Yoga Dance as a way to express their creativity. This style of yoga is also thought to improve concentration and focus. As each asana needs to be carried out in time to the beat, yogis need to have their full concentration on the session.

Yoga Dance is suitable for students of all ages and abilities. With such a diverse range of music and move-ment, the style can be adapted to suits the needs of each individual. Though the combination of music and movement has been around for thousands of years, the idea didn’t become apparent in yoga practice until fairly recently. The style started to become popular within the yoga community in 2007. The popularity is thought to have stemmed from the rise in yoga festivals in the USA. Today, many studios worldwide offer Yoga Dance as a weekly class. While Yoga Dance is a style in its own right, some of the more commonly heard terms may be ‘Buti Yoga’ and ‘Hip-Hop Yoga’.


Music Improves Performance

Research suggests that music has the ability to alter your mood, concentration, and even your heart rate. Practicing Yoga Dance with the right style of music can make a huge difference to the benefits you gain. If you’re hoping to enjoy a session of Yoga Dance with a more relaxed vibe, consider choosing slower, acoustic songs to work with. If you’re aiming for something a little more fat-burning, try using hip-hop or rock music, instead.

In many competitive sporting events, athletes are forbidden from listening to music during the race – including long-distance runners! Shortly after a recent marathon, the winner had to give up her title when the organisers discovered that she was wearing earphones during the final miles. Studies have proven that music gives athletes an advantage, helping them to power through to the end of the race.

Yoga Dance

Lowers Resting Heart Rate

Practicing Yoga Dance, especially to a fast piece of music, is guaranteed to get your heart rate up. Not only can this lower your risk of a heart attack, but it can also help to relieve anxiety and depression. If you prefer moving to something a little slower, that’s fine! Research suggests that even gentle Yoga Dance can improve cardiovascular health. With numerous benefits including a lowered resting heart rate and increased endurance, it’s no wonder that the style is becoming so popular.

Reduces Anxiety and Depression

Research has shown that Yoga Dance has the potential to make you happier. Ideal for those suffering from anxiety and depression, the style significantly increases serotonin levels in the body. Additionally, it can even reduce the level of cortisol in the body, the stress hormone found in those suffering from anxiety. Like any form of exercise, practising Yoga Dance regularly will release endorphins into the body; often referred to as ‘happy hormones’ endorphins contribute to the ‘buzz’ people often feel after working out. Attending a Yoga Dance class after work can really help to relieve the stress of the day and allow you to head home feeling happy, relaxed, and stress-free!

Improves Focus

As mentioned previously, Yoga Dance can start to improve focus and concentration. With the beat of the music changing regularly, students need to be focused throughout the session in order to remain in rhythm. Helping you to concentrate on the present, Yoga Dance can be great for those who tend to worry about the future. Practicing just once a week can help you to become less distracted by your thoughts; in turn, this will allow you to remain focused throughout the rest of the week, ready to solve any problems that may appear.

Relieves Insomnia

As well as stimulating the brain, a heart-racing session of Yoga Dance can help to tire out the body before bed. Any type of cardio-based workout will have the same effect, but Yoga Dance has the benefit of being fun, too. If you prefer practising to gentler tunes, you can use the session to find relief from the busyness of modern life. For many insomniacs, sleeping is difficult because the mind cannot switch off. A relaxing session of Yoga Dance will give your body a chance to wind down, helping to clear your mind ready for bedtime.

In Summary

Whether you’re hoping to smash out an intense session of Hip-Hop Yoga to release those endorphins, or you’re more interested in using the practice to wind down before bed, practice Yoga Dance regularly to reap the benefits. Before attending a local class, it’s important to pick up the right yoga gear. Turning up in some flexible yoga pants and a breathable top will allow you make the most of your first class.

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