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Feel You’ve Lost Connection with Your Yoga Practice?

Yoga lost connection

When you first take up yoga, waking at 5 am to squeeze in a practice seems worth it. However, after a certain amount of time, it can begin to feel like a chore. If your passion has turned into a burden, don’t panic. There are a few things you can do to bring that spark back to the yoga mat. In this article, we explore what to do if you feel like you’ve lost connection with yoga practice.

Keep Calm and Carry On

The first thing to do if you’ve lost connection with your practice is to keep calm and carry on. Regardless of how you’re feeling right now, it will get better. Before long, you and your practice will be back to your old ways. The worst thing you can do in this situation is to give up; that won’t make anything better. What you need to do is carry on with your practice, but make a few changes. Instead of sticking to your usual routine, break some rules and mix things up a bit. Challenge yourself with some new asanas. Alternatively, pause asana altogether and concentrate on pranayama and meditation. Take a step back from your usual routine and let your body flow.

Other Alternatives

If just carrying on isn’t an option, there are some other things you can try. Below, we explore some of these alternatives further.

Take a Break

If you need to, consider taking a break. However, it’s important to put a time limit on it. If you leave it too long, you’ll fall into a new routine and find it hard to come back to your practice. Most people find that a week is the perfect amount of time. This way, you’ll have long enough to break your regular routine, but not too long that you can never return.

Change Your Practice

Changing your practice is another thing to try. Instead of your usual sequence or style, choose something different. If you usually use a teacher-led class, try practising at home instead. Providing that you’ve got the right equipment, home-practice can be a great alternative to studio sessions.

Challenge Yourself

If you’re bored with your usual routine, challenge yourself with some new poses. If you really want to mix things up, practice some postures from another style. If you’re used to Vinyasa flow, slow things down with some restorative yoga. If you’re used to traditional Hatha, get your body moving with a dance yoga class. Whatever you use, make sure to challenge yourself.

Don’t Expect Too Much

Although it’s important to challenge yourself, don’t push yourself too hard. If you’re trying a new style, you won’t be an expert after one day. Likewise, you won’t see the benefits of your new practice immediately. Take it easy on yourself and don’t expect too much too soon.

Yoga lost connection

Seek New Inspiration

If you’ve lost your connection with yoga, look for new inspiration. Trying out a new workshop, studio or teacher can all bring a fresh perspective to your practice. If you’re looking for a smaller change, consider purchasing a new book. Not only can this be used for new inspiration, but it can also help you to wind down in the evening.

Research Your Poses

Instead of practising the poses, spend some time researching them. Understanding asanas from a mythical and therapeutic perspective will allow you to appreciate them once more.

Take a Yoga Retreat

Before giving up on your practice, consider going on a yoga retreat. If your life has become too busy, fitting in yoga can feel like a chore. Taking a few days away to reconnect with the practice may be all you need.

Get Enough Sleep

If you’ve lost your connection, you might just need to get a good nights sleep. Your body may just be telling you to rest for a while, so listen to it and see how you feel.

Use Music

If you’re used to practising in silence, add some music into your routine! It doesn’t have to be anything too fast, just choose a style of music to suit your practice. If you enjoy restorative yoga, choose a relaxing spa soundtrack. If you’re used to vinyasa flow, choose your favourite dance anthem and get moving.

Be Flexible

Try to be flexible. If you have to skip practice every now and then, don’t beat yourself up about it. If you don’t have time in the morning, change your workout to the evening instead. As long as you fit it in somewhere, it doesn’t matter if you break out of your routine a little.

Slow Down

Instead of stopping your practice, slow it down. Take time to practice with more awareness. Keep your eyes open for the aspects you might have missed before.

In Summary

Finally, before giving up on your practice, remember why you started. Learn to breathe again and connect with your body on a deeper level. Enjoy how the practice makes you feel balanced, well and alive. If you once found your passion on the yoga mat, use the tips above to reconnect with your practice. Before long, you should have your yoga mojo back. If you’re changing up your routine, make sure you’ve got the right equipment before getting started. In the colder months, it’s important to keep your muscles warm. Wearing a thick yoga sweater will not only keep you cosy, but it will also help you to avoid injury. Providing that you wear layers, you can always remove it during the session if you become too warm.

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