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9th February 2018
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Can You Increase Your Breast Size by Doing Yoga?

yoga breast

With a curvaceous figure now being seen as the ‘perfect body’, many women are becoming self-conscious of their image – especially those with a smaller bust. While some individuals turn to breast enhancement surgery to increase their breast size, others are put off by the health risks involved, and of course, the hefty price tag. Thankfully, it is now possible to achieve a fuller bust naturally. Through a variety of simple exercises, yoga works to build muscle in the upper body; over time, this can lead to an increase in bust size. Better still, the holistic practice boasts an array of other great health benefits, too; for instance, regular yoga practice can help you to achieve a toned abdomen, relieve discomfort associated with chronic illnesses, and even make you feel happier. In this article, we explore exactly how to increase your breast size by doing yoga. For best results, it’s worth picking up a supportive sports bra to wear whilst you exercise.

Yoga Poses to Increase Breast Size

Tree Pose

Focussing on building muscle in the upper body, Tree Pose is ideal for those looking to increase their breast size. Better still, the posture is simple and quick to practice. In addition to benefitting the upper body, Tree Pose is great for toning the buttocks, too.

To begin, stand tall. Placing one foot on the opposite inner thigh, choose whether to hold it above or below the knee. With the bent leg, open it out to the side. When balanced, bring both hands together into a prayer position. You are in Tree Pose. Focussing on your breathing, hold the posture for around 30 seconds.

Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose, or Bhujangasana as it is referred to in traditional Sanskrit, is another popular pose for increasing breast size. However, if this posture is not practised correctly, the benefits of the stretch go out the window. For best results, it’s important not to bend your neck backwards, instead, try to keep it straight. Regular practice of this pose can lead to a variety of sought-after benefits including a toned stomach, buttocks, and, of course, larger breasts.

To begin, lie down on your mat with your stomach touching the ground. Lengthen your legs, keeping the tops of your feet on the floor. Next, place your hands flat on the ground, laying them directly under your shoulders. Gently draw your elbows back into your body whilst pressing the tops of your feet and your thighs into the floor. Stay in this position for a couple of seconds, remembering to breathe deeply. When you are ready, begin to lift your chest off the ground by straightening both arms. Finally, press your tailbone firmly into the floor and engage your buttocks. You are in Cobra Pose. For best results, draw your shoulder blades towards your back and distribute the stretch evenly throughout the spine. Hold the posture for around 30 seconds before releasing the backbend and lowering yourself back down to the floor.

yoga breast

Cat-Cow Pose

Simple to practice, Cat-Cow Pose is another great exercise for breast enlargement. In addition to building muscle in the upper body, Cat-Cow Pose stretches various other parts of the body, too; for instance, the thighs, hips, ankles, chest, neck, arms, and even the hands are all stretched in this posture.

Ideal for stretching out the abdomen, many yogis enjoying practising Cat-Cow to improve digestion, too. For best results, breathe deeply throughout the posture to alternately compress and stretch the intestines. This manoeuvre encourages blood to flow to the epithelial cells, which in turn supports your digestive organs. When practising Cat-Cow to increase breast size, it’s important to keep the bust engaged throughout the exercise. Begin the posture on all fours, keeping your hands directly underneath your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips. Next, slowly dome your back, drawing your belly button toward the ceiling. You are in Cat Pose. After a couple of seconds bring your belly button down towards the mat, bending your back in the opposite direction to before. You are in Cow Pose. Continue switching between the 2 for a couple of minutes, remember to breathe deeply as you move.

Bow Pose

Formally referred to as Dhanurasana, Bow Pose is often practised by those looking to increase their bust size. In addition to being great for natural breast enlargement, the posture also boasts a range of other health benefits. For instance, research has shown that the pose can be beneficial for those trying to conceive. The exercise can also soothe muscle pain, relieve menstrual discomfort, and also combat constipation.

Start this pose by lying flat on your tummy. Slowly bend both knees in unison, bringing your legs up behind you. Next, lift your chest off the floor and reach both arms back to grab hold of your feet. You are in Bow Pose. Hold for 15 seconds before letting go of your feet and lowering the legs back to the ground.

In Summary

For many women, a fuller bust leads to an increase in confidence. Whether you’re looking to achieve larger breasts or simply tone up your existing assets, practising the postures above can help you to achieve your desired goal. While the natural treatment can be practised in the comfort of your own home, novices may benefit from attending a local yoga class, to begin with. Here, an experienced instructor can teach you how to hold each pose correctly. Correct form will not only help you to achieve the best results possible, but it will almost minimise the risk of injury. Although some studios may provide equipment, many yogis prefer to pick up their own gear instead. Not only is personal equipment more hygienic, but a good-quality yoga mat will undoubtedly be more comfortable than a mat shared by hundreds of students each week.

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