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Choosing a Yoga Outfit that works for you

Yoga is a great opportunity to take time to relax, stretch and breathe, but in order to practice it stress free you need to ensure that your Yoga outfit is fit for purpose. If you’re constantly feeling uncomfortable because you’re too restricted or because you’re having to constantly pull your top back down then you’re not going to be able to relax and really enjoy the precious time that you have to practice Yoga.

Choosing an outfit can be hard too if you’re a beginner and are going to class for the first time. You want to be sure that you are adequately dressed and that you fit in with everyone else there, but how do you know where to start with putting your outfit together?

In this article we look at some of the practical aspects of creating a Yoga outfit that works for you and also at some of the ways you can still ensure that your personal style and fashion preferences are included. Yoga clothing is a growing market, so there’s sure to be something out there to suit your needs. Here are our top tips to choosing an outfit that’s right for you.

Consider the type of Yoga you’ll be doing

Firstly it’s important to consider the type of Yoga Class you’re attending as that can have an impact on the outfit you might choose. If you’re doing any form of hot Yoga you’ll probably want layers so that as you get warmer you can remove clothing and if you’re doing particularly vigorous moves you’ll perhaps want to avoid clothing that’s too loose as it can get in your way or ride up over your head when attempting some moves.

Wear items that are Comfortable and Breathable

It’s really important that your clothing is comfortable and made from breathable fabric. Breathability will allow you to feel fresh and wick away any moisture build up while you’re practicing. Comfort is also important as you want to be able to get into the various poses with ease. Chafe-resistant and stretchable fabric will help you relax and allow for easy movement.

Choose your Underwear Wisely

Cotton and lace underwear are not going to be your friend while doing Yoga! Although breathable the fabrics don’t dry quickly and get heavy when wet, so you’re better investing in some underwear that will wick away moisture to keep you feeling fresh and clean.

Your Sports Bra is also an important consideration too. You need something that is supportive and will keep everything in place no matter what pose you’re attempting. Again something moisture wicking is advisable to avoid a build up of sweat.

Layer up

As mentioned above depending on the type of Yoga you’re doing you might want to consider layers so that you have clothes to take on and off as required. It’s also advisable to have an extra layer for going to and from class too so that you don’t get too cold after your session is over as sometimes after a cool down or meditation you’re body will start to lose heat and you want to ensure you’re prepared for that.

It’s also useful to have an extra layer if you’re in a gym that has air conditioning as sometimes if it’s on a low setting even during your class it can still be cold.
A light Zip up sweatshirt can be perfect for layering, as can a t-shirt over a camisole; meaning that you have plenty layers to play with whatever the temperature. You can also use this as an opportunity to play with colours or prints to show off your unique style.

Avoid Clothing that is too loose

While a bit of freedom can be useful to help you be able to move easily between poses; clothing that is too loose will hinder rather than help you. If you have shorts on that are too lose then they may be prone to bunching up when you move or worse, if the legs are too baggy when you lift your legs up to get into various poses you may show off more than you intended! The last thing you want to be worried about is having to keep fixing your shorts.

Likewise with t-shirts and tops if they’re too loose they’ll just end up falling over your head every time you get into a pose like Downward Dog, and if you don’t like your belly then you may spend a lot of time self consciously pulling it down. To avoid this either wear a top that you’ve tried and tested that doesn’t ride up, or layer your loose top with a camisole underneath.

Yoga Leggings are a must have

Yoga leggings are both fashionable and practical for Yoga. With styles ranging from cropped to full length and in every colour imaginable, Yoga Leggings are as much as fashion statement as they are a great piece of fitness wear. Choose a pair that you feel comfortable in and you’ll be guaranteed to enjoy Yoga more! They’re well fitted, keep your bottom fully covered and because the material is generally figure hugging it can help absorb sweat. Not only that they can transform effortlessly into something that you can go shopping or out to brunch in, just take a look at celebrities such as Gigi Hadid for proof!

Just be sure that you avoid any that are too thin as these will quickly become see through and likewise you might want to avoid light colours if you sweat a lot as it will show up more. You can never go wrong with a classic black or navy pair.

Finally, Choose your Yoga Look for You

Yoga shouldn’t be about competition, it’s about you taking time to be yourself. Don’t feel pressured into wearing anything because everyone else in the class does, or because it’s fashionable. Wear whatever makes you comfortable and allows you to practice well. Own your own style and wear what makes you feel amazing, whether that’s bright colours or all black, if you choose to accessorise with a headband or prefer a simple pony tail. Ultimately you want to choose something that you don’t have to think about while you’re practicing Yoga, so that your mind is fully involved in the practice itself, not worrying about what your top looks like!

Hopefully you’ve found those tips useful for choosing your next Yoga outfit. It really is all about finding something that you’re comfortable in so you can truly enjoy the experience of your class. Given how popular Yoga Clothing is at the moment there are a huge variety of styles and sizes to suit everyone’s needs, so your next Yoga outfit is bound to look amazing!

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