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Vegetarian restaurants in London – Our Top 5 List

Vegetarian Restaurants London | Ana Heart

Vegetarian Restaurants London | Ana Heart

Best vegetarian restaurants in London

Often people think that being a vegetarian is hard because your choices must be limited or you’ll end up eating the same thing all the time, but in London that couldn’t be further from the truth! With vegetarian restaurants catering to all your foodie needs you will definitely find something that takes your fancy and because of the variety of places on offer you’ll never be stuck for options whatever the occasion. So whether it’s a date, a working lunch or a catch up with friends we’ve got you covered. Here are our top 5 vegetarian restaurants in London at the moment, so check them out below and start deciding where you will eat your next vegetarian meal out in the capital city!

1. Wild Food Cafe – 14 Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden, WC2H

The wild food cafe located in Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden is a health-conscious foodie’s paradise. It is raw, vegan and gluten free and proves that this type of food doesn’t have to be boring!

The food that they serve is imaginative and looks great thanks to its vibrant colours and imaginative taste combinations. The food is all raw so should be enjoyed slowly, but that probably won’t be hard as it looks so pretty you’ll not want to eat it!

The atmosphere in the venue is relaxed and laid back, although this place is rarely quiet and is always bustling with happy customers. You can sit at the bar or around one of the tables that looks out into the


The type of food that you can expect on the menu includes delights such as pea and mint soup, living falafel, samurai burgers, and if you’re feeling sweet their raw chocolate tart or matcha cheesecake. You can even add a smoothie, wine or rum if you’re feeling in the mood for a tipple.


2. Ethos – Eastcastle Street, W1

Located near Oxford Circus Ethos is a vegetarian self-serve buffet. Just grab a plate, help yourself to any of their delicious dishes on offer and simply pay for your food based on the weight of the plate – just like a delicious vegetarian pick and mix!

The menu is extremely varied and there are over a dozen dishes every day taking in cuisines from around the world including Japan, Italy, India, Mexico… the list goes on. This means that the food is never boring and there’s always something new to try, what makes it even better is you can choose as many different options as you like, meaning if you like the sound of everything you can have a little bit of them all!

Some of their customer’s firm favourites include bean chilli, feta and aubergine fritters, hummus and baba ganoush, and their famous scotch egg.

What’s great about Ethos apart from the food is that it’s affordable, easily accessible and thanks to its buffet style you get the variety that can sometimes be lacking in vegetarian food. Your hardest challenge will probably be limiting yourself to one plate that doesn’t weigh too much!

Vegetarian Restaurants London | Ana Heart

Vegetarian Restaurants London | Ana Heart

3. Mildred’s – Various locations in London

Mildred’s is one of Soho’s most popular vegetarian restaurants and a London vegetarian institution that has been around for over 20 years. It’s extremely popular and if you want to go at peak times then you should be prepared for a queue as it’s the sort of place that you can’t book a table in advance, and therefore due to its popularity, you will need to wait.

Once you are seated the food you get is hearty and homely, not necessarily the most cutting edge, but you know it will always be good food done right.

The place is stylish and busy, but the wait staff are always friendly and helpful, and due to its continued busy atmosphere there’s always a buzz in the place thanks to the hum of diners chatting and enjoying the food.

The menu changes depending on the seasons, but the sort of food you can expect includes sweet potato curry, stir fry’s, black bean burritos and if you have room for dessert, a beetroot, and chocolate fudge cake!

If you’re not in Soho then fear not, Mildred’s now has two more restaurants in Camden and King’s cross which you can try out.

Vegetarian Restaurants London | Ana Heart

Vegetarian Restaurants London | Ana Heart

4. Titbits – Heddon Street, W1

If you like variety then Titbits could be the place for you. It’s a self-service buffet where you get to choose from over 40 different vegetarian and vegan dishes – from salads and hot dishes to delicious sweet treats and their signature food boat, there is sure to be something that you’ll like or something new for you to try.

The food takes its inspiration from comfort food and then using creativity and attention to detail comes up with quality vegetarian food that will leave your mouth watering. Think tasty pasta dishes, gnocchi, and interesting salads.

Located just off Regent street it has a convenient location that means you can pop in and get a takeaway at lunch if you’re in the area or pop in for a bit longer on the weekend.

Vegetarian Restaurants London | Ana Heart

Vegetarian Restaurants London | Ana Heart

5. Orchard – 11 Sicilian Avenue, WC1A 2QH

Orchard is a creation that developed from the popular vegetarian London restaurant Vanilla Black. It’s a cheaper, more laid back and casual venue where the food is more for daily consumption and a bit less flamboyant than its sister venue.

With a homely style and looking like a small cafe on market day this restaurant is elegantly laid black and cosy.

It sells great coffee from the artisan roasters Ozone, however, this is so much more than a coffee shop. The menu offers some great vegetarian dishes at a fairly reasonable price. The food rangers from a vintage cheddar sandwich on wild garlic granary with onion chutney to poached eggs with spinach fitters, and that’s before we even mention the cakes. Even if you can’t sit in you can pop in for a coffee or a takeaway treat such as salted toffee or some homemade baking.

Vegetarian Restaurants London | Ana Heart

Vegetarian Restaurants London | Ana Heart

Oh, and if you haven’t heard of its sister location Vanilla Black then consider this a bonus 6th recommendation for a vegetarian restaurant. It serves food at the sophisticated end of the spectrum and serves beautiful and contemporary vegetarian food that you won’t see on any other menu in the city, and if you’re looking for something different to try it’s definitely worth a visit.

So there you have it, our round-up of 5 of the best vegetarian restaurants in London just now. With so many to choose from there will definitely be something to suit your dietary requirements, budget and occasion. Next time you’re planning on dining out in London then why not give them a try? Even if you’re not vegetarian the delicious food is surely worth a try! Wherever you end up, we hope you enjoy your meal.

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