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Healthy Gift Ideas for Her

Healthy Gift Ideas for Her | Ana Heart

Gift ideas for the woman who loves health and fitness

Health and fitness aren’t just a hobby it’s a lifestyle, and if you’re a female obsessed with health and fitness or know someone who is then these gifts might just be what you’re looking for. We’ve produced a list of 10 of the best gift ideas for the woman in your life that loves health and fitness so that you’ll never be stuck for gift ideas again!

Fitness Tracker
This is a bit of a splurge, but if the health conscious woman in your life doesn’t have one of these, she will love you forever! Fitness trackers allow you track everything from the number of steps you take daily, the distance you’ve walked/run to your heart rate and how well you’re sleeping.
There are many different varieties on the market from Fitbit and Garmin to Tom Tom and Samsung and they range from £20 to over £200, it just really depends on the feature sets and sports requirements you have which one is best. If the woman in your life is fashion conscious too then there are even some great ones with interchangeable straps so they look like a nice watch and even some that look like a pretty piece of jewellery.

Yoga Bag
Know a yoga lover? Then a yoga bag is a perfect gift for her! Great for carrying your yoga mat to and from sessions, they keep your yoga mat protected from the weather and the dust and dirt of the city streets. Our Ana-Heart Yoga bags are 100% cotton and have a water bottle pocket, a zip pocket for your phone, keys or money and will easily fit a standard yoga mat, meaning it’s the only bag you’ll need to take with you when you’re heading to yoga. It also looks great too!

Foam Roller
If you exercise then having a foam roller around is always a good idea. It will help you work out all the knots and aches and pains that you have built up from exercising and help relieve tension. If the lady in your life doesn’t have one then this could be a great gift option. They come in a variety of sizes and colours so you can even get one that matches the décor in her house or pick one in her favourite colour!

Luxury Leggings
Any woman that exercises really values a good pair of workout leggings. They’re such a core piece of workout gear that wick away sweat, allow for easy movement and don’t get in the way of your getting your workout on. A pair of high quality, luxury leggings will always be appreciated. Look for a pair that is made of thick fabric that won’t wear easily. The variety of styles available now is huge, both in terms of colour, length and even detailing such as pockets or embroidery. Not sure where to start looking – check out our leggings here.

A bright pair of trainers
Like with leggings your trainers are a vital part of your workout gear, whether they’re taking her to and from class or the women you’re buying for is a seasoned runner they will love a new pair of trainers. Again the variety of colours and styles available is huge and many sites will now even let you customise a pair from scratch meaning you can choose to personalise your gift with their favourite colours or even a special message on the tongue of the trainer.

Relaxing bath salts
After a long workout, there’s nothing better than having a nice long soak in the tub. A bottle of relaxing bath salts is a great gift for the health fanatic in your life. You can get different types that have various benefits such as helping your muscles relax and relieve pain, plus this gift is relatively affordable if you’re on a budget.

A comfy pullover
Keeping warm on your way to and from class is always a consideration, and the women in your life will definitely want to look good while doing it, so a comfy pullover is a great gift option. Whether they prefer a hoody, a simple jumper or one which zips up the front again there are loads of options available. Take a look at our pullovers and jumpers for some inspiration.

Water bottle
If you’re exercising then you need to hydrate! A water bottle that you can take when you’re on the go is the perfect gift for your female health and fitness freak! From bottles that allow you to infuse your water with fruit, to bottles that ensure your water is filtered before you drink it and bottles that can even be folded down when they’re empty there will be something that will suit. Then every time they’re taking a sip they’ll be thankful to the person who bought them it!

A love tuner
Is there someone in your life that loves to exercise but needs to de-stress more? If so a love tuner might be just the gift. A love tuner helps you take a moment wherever you are to relax, breathe and appreciate your surroundings. The best part? The love tuner is on a beautiful necklace, meaning you can wear it at all times and look fashionable doing it. Our love tuners come with a variety of necklace options and you can see them in our shop.

A yoga mat
If you know someone who likes to do their workouts at home, whether it’s yoga, Pilates, or 30 sit-ups each morning then a workout mat is a great gift. They’re much comfier than working out directly on the floor and give you the grip that you need to pull off your exercises effectively. What’s more many are made from durable materials that are hygienic and wipeable so they are definitely a good investment. With lots of colours and sizes available you can choose the one that’s perfect for her.
There you have it, 10 great gift ideas for the female health and fitness enthusiast in your life! Why not check out our range in the store – we’ve got some great options for the minimalist health and fitness enthusiast in your life. Hopefully, this has inspired you to come up with a creative gift for your loved one and you become officially known as the number 1 gift giver!

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