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31st October 2019
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Connecting to the Seed of Spiritual Knowledge through Yoga

Connecting to the Seed of Spiritual Knowledge through Yoga

In the West, yoga is often used to tone the physical body. While this is certainly a benefit of the practice, it’s not the traditional focus. Traditionally, yoga was used to connect the body and mind and encourage them to work in unison. To reap the full benefits, you should try to connect with the practice on a spiritual level, instead of just hitting the yoga mat for the physical benefits. In this article, we look into connecting to the seed of spiritual knowledge through yoga.

Overcome Emotional Stress

It’s no secret that yoga has many physical benefits. Regular practice develops your flexibility, strength, and stamina, and works to tone almost every muscle in the body. However, there’s more to the practice than these physical benefits. Yoga is also a mental practice that helps you to overcome emotional stress and psychological challenges. If you just use the practice for the physical benefits, you’re missing out on the core part of yoga. While the physical benefits are great, without the spiritual side, yoga is nothing more than a stretching class, a gym session or a space for relaxation. If you delve deeper into the practice, you’ll find a higher meaning.

Learn About Yourself

To connect with yoga on a deeper level, you need to first learn about yourself. When you’re in the studio, take time to learn about the way you act, think and react. Connect with your inner self and develop an awareness of yourself as you move deeper into the practice. Creating this awareness will transform your mind and improve the way you live your life, interact with others, and think about yourself.

Learn About the Spirit

To get the most from a yoga class, you need to become aware of the spirit. In yoga, this is not a ghostly spirit or a supernatural being; instead, it’s a higher consciousness, a driving force and the reason behind everything that we think and do. Once you become aware of the spirit, you’re on your way to connecting to the seed of spiritual yoga.

Stand Tall

Unfortunately, awareness doesn’t always take you to the place you want to go to. The spiritual side of yoga isn’t about bettering your life so you can earn more money, score a new job or make new friends. Nor is it about removing negative aspects of your personality or lifestyle. Instead, it should simply do what the word suggests – allow you to become aware of yourself, others and the world around you. By doing this, we learn that a perfect life doesn’t exist. There will always be things that we would rather do without. However, connecting to the seed of spiritual knowledge through yoga can help you stand tall regardless of your circumstances.

Connecting to the Seed of Spiritual Knowledge through Yoga

Keep a Quiet Mind

Sometimes in life, we need to just be. Instead of analyzing our thoughts, actions and physical performance, allow yourself to enjoy the moment. To connect with our inner-self, we need time, space and a quiet mind. Thankfully, yoga can help us to achieve this. One of the best ways to quiet the mind is to practice a series of postures until you’re tired enough to let go and allow your mind to wander into its inner space. When this happens, sit back, relax and simply be. Don’t force thoughts or emotions to appear, but if they do, be aware of them. Be aware of how you feel and appreciate the world around you. The ability to take this gratitude and peace away from the studio is what makes yoga a spiritual practice.

Find Peace

The spiritual seed of yoga banishes negative thoughts by relaxing the mind and promoting a positive atmosphere. When we hold a pose for an extended duration, our mind is relaxed and can focus on self-transformation.

Learn Mantra Chanting

Mantra chanting is a great way to connect to the seed of spiritual knowledge through yoga. Repeating the sacred sounds of OM, OM Shanti, and Gayatri Mantra can relax the mind and keep us in the present. Each mantra carries a spiritual energy that benefits the emotional, spiritual and physical health of those who practice it. The frequency of the sounds can alter the vibrations of life to benefit the mind and body. Spiritual mantra chanting was first used in India but is now practiced around the globe.

Remember That Yoga Is Not a Religion

Yoga is a spiritual practice; however, it’s not a religion. To connect with the seed of spiritual knowledge, it doesn’t matter what faith you have. The spiritual side of yoga isn’t linked to a specific form of worship, it’s simply about uniting with yourself and the divine. When translated from Sanskrit, “yoga” means “to unite”. This can be interpreted in various ways. Some practitioners think of it as the union of the body, mind, and spirit while others believe it’s the union of themselves and spiritual force. To connect to the seed of spiritual knowledge, you can believe in a god or gods, but can also believe in nothing at all. Some yogis compare an asana sequence to a prayer; you can move through each pose reverently while focusing on your breath.

In Summary

The seed of spiritual knowledge is all about connecting with your inner self and/or the divine. While some yogis unite with a higher being, others focus on the union of the mind, body, and spirit. For best results, practice yoga in a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted. If you’re struggling to focus, put on some calming music or wear some yoga jewelry. One of the most popular pieces works as a single tone flute to relax the mind, while others use lithotherapy to alter your vibrations. Whichever route you go down, sit back, relax and connect to the seed of spiritual knowledge through yoga.

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