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Can meditation improve your sex drive?

How to Improve Your Sex Drive with Meditation | Ana Heart Blog

How to Improve Your Sex Drive with Meditation | Ana Heart Blog


As you get older, versus when you were 20-years-old, for instance, it’s not uncommon for your sex drive to dwindle and cause problems for your relationship, especially if your partner has retained a high or moderate sex drive despite being of a similar age, leaving you unable to fulfil him or her.


When you lose your sex drive, it can lead to a spiral of questions about your sex appeal and confidence, which is when many set out to regain their sex drive, no matter what, however, you must ensure you don’t get stuck in a rut. There are a variety of activities you can try to help boost your sex drive, and one of those activities is meditation. At the end of the day, it all comes down to libido.


What is libido?

Quite simply, libido is the technical term for sex drive. It is your desire for sexual activity as well as your overall interest in feelings associated with sexual activity, including the sense of attraction.


What affects libido?

Various biological, psychological, and social factors affect libido, however, the most popular causes of low libido, for instance, is stress which can also lead to anxiety and depression, both of which will cause your libido to take a hit. Medical factors affecting libido include the menopause and infidelity which may reduce your desire for sex, similar to how puberty in teenagers, typically, increases libido.


Can meditation improve your sex drive?

In short, yes, it can! Below, we explore how meditation can improve your sex drive.


How to Improve Your Sex Drive with Meditation

Stress and related feelings of anxiety and depression, as well as general mental distraction, are the main causes of low libido – that’s where meditation comes in. Meditation is proven to reduce stress while helping you to clear your mind which will, in turn, lead to a happier you and an improved sex drive, free of distraction. After all, a healthy mind means a healthier and happier you, so that’s what you need to achieve. A healthy diet and regular exercise will also count towards mental wellness.


In technical terms, meditation activates ‘cold’ areas of the brain and diminishes activity in the stress centre – amygdala. It is only when your mind and body is free of stress and tension that your brain will work its magic and allow you to focus on your desire for sexual activity and ‘perform’, per se.


As well as reducing stress, endorphins, which increase sex drive, are released during meditation.


Why Endorphins Are Important for Sex

Endorphins are the hormones released when your brain feels good about something, thereby making you feel positive which then increases the desire for further pleasure, including sexual activity. The same reaction occurs when meditating and exercising, mostly notably while running – that’s why people refer to the feeling of euphoria experienced during an intense run or jog as runner’s high.


Meditation Techniques to Improve Sex Drive

We understand that it’s unlikely that in your quest for an improved sex drive you’re going to become a monk and begin partaking in lengthy periods of meditation – don’t worry, we don’t mind. Don’t let the stereotypes surrounding meditation put you off trying it as a means to improve your sex drive.


Rather than spending hours meditating, try one of the following quick meditation techniques, with each taking just a few minutes, to help improve your sex drive and overall mental wellness.


Time to breathe

Breathing exercises are one of the most effective meditation techniques – all you need is five minutes and a quiet space. Find it hard to escape the noise inside? Head outside and find a cushy spot in a park. When you’ve found your location, sit down in a comfortable position, ideally legs crossed, and breathe in deeply through the nose, hold it for a few seconds, and then breathe out slowly through your mouth. If it helps you relax, try making an ‘HA’ sound as you breathe out. After five minutes or so, if not before, you should begin to feel relaxed. If not, continue until your tension has dissipated.


Dream a little dream

During sex, what you see is a huge factor in your arousal, so why not try meditating using visualisation to help you relax? Once again, find a quiet space and, this time, close your eyes and breathe in and out deeply while focusing on how the air is passing through your body, through your nostrils, and how your abdomen is raising and lowering. When you have a rhythm, picture somewhere beautiful, or a favourite memory, to help you relax further – if relevant, imagine the warmth of the sun on your face or the sound of waves crashing to bring your memory alive. If you’re struggling to delve into your memories, think up a dream destination that you find calming.


A sensational touch

Touch is one of the most important factors relating to sexual arousal so consider embracing touch during meditation. Once again, find a quiet space, close your eyes, and breathe in and out deeply and slowly but naturally. Once you have your rhythm, focus your mind on everything you can feel. Imagine the texture of your shirt or blouse on your skin, your body temperature, and the feel of the wind in your hair, and pay attention to your pulse and how the air around you feels against your face and bare skin. If you feel comfortable to do so, try touch meditation at home with your partner – having your back rubbed, hair stroked, or simply lying with each other is intimate and meditative.


Never let your sex drive get you down. If you are frustrated with your lack of sex drive, spend five minutes every day meditating, experimenting with the different techniques, to help relax your mind and body. Over time, combined with a healthy lifestyle, you should experience an improvement. If possible, always avoid medication as, often, it can lead to further hormone and sex drive imbalances.

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